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Article: Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack

Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack

Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack


Who are you?
Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack
Where are you from?
Neptune, New Jersey


What do you do?
Afro-American Conceptual Artist
What about Beautiful Fül resonates with your personal style?
The serious and mundane nature of an everyday lifestyle. When the truth hits me, it straightens out my perspective, I embrace and smirk at my foolish ways. It’s a poetic ruin I live in and learn from. The clothes take a beating along with me.
What is your favorite piece you own or wish you owned?
Thats a tough one. I have quite a few different pieces. They all have had their days of praise. From the Wax denim to the 1 of 1 Black Kimono Leather Jacket. I would say my favorite go-to is the OG Black Moto Leather Pants and of course the Leather Python Vest. I really wish I had the Distressed Leather Moto at the moment or the OG Black Moto Jacket. Shit, the list can go on and on. 


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